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The following customer testimonials are unsolicited.

Normally I would not go through this much trouble with a trial, however, your software stands out above the others I have tried. The reports are phenominal, the use of defensive players or defensive teams, the scoring options to cover all types of leagues, the ability to manage more than one league, and the user friendly format combined with the very affordable price makes your software a must have for any commissioner.
Michael K.

Thanks for the quick response. This is a great product. I have been running a league for five years prior to using your software. I created my own reports through Excel and entered the data all manually. This package is a godsend. You can expect to have me as a patron for a long time to come.
Dan C. (Pittsburgh, PA)

It's a terrific product -- by far the most full-featured and customizable program of its kind. Great job!
Geoff T. (Elkhart, IN)

I have been using your software to run my league for four seasons now. The software is the best I have seen (and I have checked out alot).
Bryan M. (Clemmons, NC)

On behalf of the Weather Station Fantasy Football League, I would like to thank you for the excellent software you have developed and maintained over the years. We had virtually zero glitches this year and everyone was impressed with the details and formats of the reports it generates. Thank you again.
Michael B.

Works like a charm, thanks a lot. Just another reason why we love FFA so much, your support is wonderful.
Dennis E. (Fargo, ND)

Thanks for your help. I've evaluated alot of different software for fantasy football, yours by far has had the best interface. Keep up the good work, I'll be getting back with you soon to register.
Brent B.

The new 98 version is even better than the last, if that is possible. I can't believe how easy it is to use and the flexibility. More important is the feedback from you. Thanks for all your help.
Lindsey P. (Indianapolis, IN)

I thought of one disadvantage to using your program. I'm so satisified year after year that I don't even know what your competitor's products are like anymore!
Tim C. (Maple Grove, MN)

I want to compliment you on the way you have taken suggestions and made super improvements through the years. This is a super program. Keep up the good work. Again thank you for all your efforts, in making my job as commissioner an easy one.
Jim N. (Indianapolis, IN)

FFA has been a life saver running my league. I've tried several other Fantasy Football software programs and hated all of them. And the price of the other ones I tried was rediculous. Your program has so many features it can accomodate any type of league.
Chad T. (Hickman, NE)

The program is great and easy to use. Being a commissioner in 2 separate leagues can be a lot of work but using FFA reduces the work load a great deal. Best of all you have provided me with exceptional assistance - even before I registered the program.
Brian S. (Faribault, MN)

Thanks for offering such an easy to use and time saving program!
Bill B. (Mason, OH)

One of the best FFL programs I have seen. Looked at the program once and decided to register.
Randy G. (Green Bay, WI)

Beautiful program, many options, very excited about using it!!
Mike B. (Billerica, MA)

I love your program. Thanks for creating such a fun and easy way to maintain stats and players.
Maria S. (Park Falls, WI)

Software is VERY helpful! Am interested to see other programs you may have to offer!
Tim H. (Jackson, MS)

Let me congratulate you on another fine version of FFA. It is really great and simplifies my life much!
Eldon G. (Kasota, MN)

I have been running a FFL league for 8 years and for the past 4 I have been using the FFA program. IT IS GREAT! It has made running my league simpler and much more organized. I RECOMMEND this program to EVERYONE who is, was or even thinking of running a league.
Mark P. (Green Bay, WI)

Great program, very well designed and extremely user friendly. Appears far superior to others I've reviewed.
Lawrence B. (Sacramento, CA)

Just wanted to let you know that I'm very glad I upgraded to the Windows 95 version of FFA! Easy to use and I like the new features you have added.
Tim C. (Maple Grove, MN)

Thanks for your continued support of FFA. It seems like every year we vote in a new rule that has me concerned that FFA won't be able to handle it, and every year you seem to anticipate our rule change and the newest version of FFA deals with it! Fantastic!
Dan J. (Jacksonville, FL)

I appreciate your quick response to both of my questions. Nobody can say that your customer support is poor.
Sam G. (Bethel Park, PA)

I just wanted you to know how great your Fantasy Football Assistant 97 is. I wish I would have known about this program sooner before I spent $70 on a program called xxxxxxxx. Well, it was worth money just to find out about a program like yours that is user friendly.
Rance L. (McKnightstown, PA)

I also wanted to let you know that the changes you have made for this year are great. It is becoming easier and easier each year to be a commissioner.
Bob L. (Minneapolis, MN)

Just a note to say that your program worked fine this year and was glad to see someone who took the time to fix any problems with it right away..your support was great!
Tom A.

Last Updated: August 22nd, 2014