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Program Files

Please note that for some reason there are some anti virus programs that are falsely reporting that the program files (both the full install and the update) for FFA are infected with a virus and won't allow you to download the files. The only thing I can think of is that I am still using an older programming language (Visual Basic 6) to create the FFA program. I have been running FFA with no problems, so I'm not sure why it is giving a false positive. Looks like anything I create with VB6 is being flagged for some reason. You may have to disable your anti virus program to be able to download the install and/or update.

Click here to download FFA2022.exe (v 2022.1.0 - 06/06/22 - 4.1 meg)

This is the initial full install for Fantay Football Assistant 2022.

The above file is the full installation of FFA. Download the file to a temporary folder and execute this file to install FFA. Note that reinstalling the program will NOT affect any of your data files. All league information will remain intact. Please note that you should execute the self-extracting install with administrator rights.

Weekly Stats

Need downloadable stats but don't use FFA? The stats are for import into FFA but they are in text and xml format so they can be used for other purposes such as your legacy or custom fantasy software. If you need the stats in a different format, I am willing to look into it. Contact me via email with the format you need and I will give you an estimate of what it will cost to create the format you need.

Week 00 are sample stats, but they are the actual stats from the 1st week of the 2021 season. Stats will normally be available about 1 to 2 hours after the last game of the day. On Sunday the early games should also be available about an hour after the last early game has completed and same for the late afternoon games. But the only guarantee that I make is that they will be available the morning following the previous day's games. For example, Thursday game stats available Friday morning, Sunday game stats available Monday morning and Monday night game available Tuesday morning. When stats are ready for download, I will send out an email notfication. When you register for stats, I will automatically add you to the email notification list. On Thursday, I will process any corrections for the previous week and will then repost the stats for the week which will also include a corrections file which will detail any changes that were applied.

The stats will once again be $60 this year. The first 3 weeks of the season the stats will be free. After week 3 you will need to purchase the stats as they will then be password protected. After you purchase the stats, you will be able to access the stats with your user name and password (which you provide when you purchase the stats - see Order Now page). The files will be zipped files and will contain the offense, team, special teams and defensive player stat files.

Disclaimer: The stats provided are not necessarily official NFL stats. You may not resell or redistribute the stats. I (Daryl Muellenberg) am not liable for any loss resulting from the use of the stats provided. Also note that what you are paying for is a service to put the stats in a standardized format, you are NOT paying for the actual stats as the stats can be found for free on the internet or in the newspaper.

2022 Season Downloadable ZIP Files

Weekly Descriptor files: Offense, Defense, Team, Team B (team and kicking stats combined) and Special Teams

Year-to-Date Descriptor files: Offense, Defense, Team and Special Teams

Week #
Weekly Stats
Year-To-Date Stats
Date/Time Updated


  Text   May 2, 2022


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    


  Text     CSV     XML     Text     CSV     XML    
Playoff Weeks


  Text     CSV     XML                   


  Text     CSV     XML                   


  Text     CSV     XML                   


  Text     CSV     XML                   


  Text     CSV     XML                   

Miscellaneous Files

Now that the 2022 draft is complete, the master player files have been updated to include any drafted players and those players that have signed with different teams. Players that were on the master lists last year but didn't play last year have been removed. Note that there may be current free agents in the master lists that are not currently on a team. Those players will still retain the team code of the team they were most recently on. If/when those players sign with a new team then their team code will be updated. If they are still not on a team the following year, they will be removed.

Master Offensive Players - text (with IDs)

Master Offensive Players - csv (with IDs)

Master Offensive Players - xml (with IDs)

Master Defensive Players - text (with IDs)

Master Defensive Players - csv (with IDs)

Master Defensive Players - xml (with IDs)

2021 NFL Schedule in Excel format

2021 NFL Schedule in csv format

Last Updated: June 6, 2022