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Reunion Information

50th Year Reunion August 24th-27th

The dates for our big 50th (OMG) class reunion has been set. We will celebrating from Thursday August 24th to Sunday August 27th. $60 per couple and $30 single will cover the Friday night meal at Crystal's and the Saturday night dinner at Shanty Haven. All drinks throughout the weekend are on each individual.

It would also be great if you would submit an update to your bio page telling us a little bit about what you have been up to the past 10 years (or more if you didn't submit an update for the 40th reunion). A recent picture of you and your family would also be appreciated. You can email me this information (dmuellenberg@comcast.net) so I can update your bio page. Instead of a booklet, I will be creating PDF documents (one will include only 50th reunion entries while the other will include all reunion entries from this year and past years) that you can download and print out if you prefer. There will be links to these documents on the BIO main page.

Thursday August 24th: 7 pm - early bird gathering at Crystal's Bar. A few classmates can only be with us on Thursday night, so if you have arrived in town, come down and join the gathering.

Friday August 25th: 8 am to noon or longer - we are going flying!! Dan & Vickie will host our class for the morning at the airport. They are providing rolls & coffee as we gather to fly over Redfield. They will have 2-3 planes available for our class to fly in! Whether you would like to take a plane ride or just observe…it will be a fun gathering! We are excited & appreciate this nice opportunity to take a plane ride!! Thank you for planning & hosting Dan & Vickie!

Friday afternoon we are heading to the golf course for a 1 pm tee time with an afternoon of fun! We realize there won't be much time in between & the possibility of snack trays or hamburgers MAY be available at the Club House...we do not yet have confirmation for that. You do NOT have to be a golfer to join the fun. The refreshments, meal and golf fees will be each one's own responsibility....clubs and balls will be provided. If you prefer to remain at the Club House,..a game of golf/poker might be your game plan. You can all breathe a sigh of relief as we are not able to do polo/golf...they decided we might get too wild. So sorry to disappoint you on that one! Thank you to Tim and Dan for putting this fun afternoon together!!

Friday night we will meet at Crystal's @ 5:30 for our meal and evening of visiting...the bar is a cash bar but the meal is part of your reunion costs. At 7 pm we have invited teachers, other classes and friends out to visit with our class. NEW EVENT....Friday night the Drive in Theater is going to show "Two-lane Blacktop" from 1971. Kevin is going to pay for any classmate/spouse attending the movie. Thank you Kevin S for putting this together!!

Saturday August 26th: Saturday morning is your time to do as you wish.....UNLESS we cannot fly Friday, then we will reverse the events. Keeping our fingers crossed that Friday morning is perfect.

Saturday afternoon 1-3 we are adding another event at the bowling alley....thank you Rick B for suggesting "bean bag toss" games for those who cannot bowl. Again we are bowling for fun and you do not have to be a bowler! The cost of bowling is on those who participate. The bar will be open and Grant can turn on the grill if you choose to eat there.

Saturday evening happy hour begins at 5-6 pm at Shanty Haven, 1223 W 5th Street. Our dinner will be at 6 pm. We will have a cash bar on site...fun isn't over yet as we have a great evening planned.

Sunday August 27th: Sunday morning we are planning our goodbye brunch at Leo's...exact time to be determined.

A few tips....Mosquitoes are horrible here, you may need a jacket for the banquet, sunscreen is a must!! Safe travels and welcome home!!

45th Year Reunion September 27th-29th Homecoming Weekend

Dress warm! The forecast for this week is 60’s possibly 50’s on Friday!!

Thursday September 27th 7pm-?: Early bird gathering at Crystal's Bar.

Friday September 28th 9 am: Breakfast gathering at Leo's Good Foods. (We will reserve caramel & cinnamon rolls). If you cannot make it right at 9 that is fine…we will be there for awhile, so come when you can! And just because we reserved rolls the menu is also your option!

Then we roll up our sleeves to decorate the cars/float for the Homecoming Parade!! Homecoming Parade @ 2 pm….be ready to ride the float and bring candy to toss!!! We will meet at Appel Oil & leave from there for the parade! Because we have a limited amount of vehicles we ask only the classmates to ride in the parade!

We will leave Appel Oil & lineup for the parade near the school…if someone is late arriving please look for us there. Homecoming Parade @ 2 pm….

Immediately following the parade we will stop at the school for a tour of the new faculty! At this time the spouses will be able to rejoin.

5:30-6:30 is the chili cook off at the armory! The variety of chili choices is great & it is all you can eat for $5. The football game follows at 7. Hopefully we can sit together in the stands! Following the game or earlier we will head to the Outback to gather.

Saturday September 29th: We are planning to meet for breakfast at Leo's & on to Simply Charming for coffee….there is a fall Prairie Pickers @ 11 at Binger's near Tulare so if the ladies are interested!??? Or we are up for suggestions!! We are still working on Goofy Golf for Saturday afternoon…so please bring your clubs!

5:30-6:30 Happy Hour at the American Legion on Main Street.
6:30 Supper & fun to follow!!!

We are open for suggestions & ideas for this casual class reunion!!

Please pass this message around & check our class web site as no letters are being sent.
Please eamil Sally at sallypants18@msn.com or text 605-450-9810 if you can attend!

All events & meals at your own expense!

Please click on the Pictures link to view pictures from the reunion.

40 Year Reunion

********************************************** Recap of our 40th reunion ************************************************

Activities started with a golf outing at Fisher's Grove on Friday afternoon and there were about a dozen who attended, even though there were just as many non golfers as golfers. It was a bit windy and warm, but everyone had a good time with only a minor incident with backing a golf cart into a tree, but we won't mention any names here. :) After golf, we had a social get together at the club house that lasted well into the night (but not as long as we used to in the past - something to do with getting older I think).

Saturday started with several of us meeting at Simply Charming for coffee at 9:30. We then headed to Crystal's bar where a tour bus was waiting to take us on a tour around the area. There were about 40 people who did the bus tour. This was a poker run, where we drew a card at each stop with a random poker hand winning a prize at the end of the tour. The card you drew also deteremined where you sat on the bus. The idea was to get you to sit with a different person on each leg of the tour. We started with a tour of the Redfield High School with Larry Eldeen (former high school teacher) as our tour guide. We then boarded the bus and drove to Ashton where we had lunch at the Ashton bar. During the ride, Sally had prepared some trivia about our high school years. To get our attention, Sally had a large bell, which after a while people were wishing she didn't have it. :) After lunch we toured the ethanol plant which was very interesting even though the smell became a bit overwhelming. Next stop was out to Zell to see the old Catholic school/boarding house. Several classmates had attended the school during 1st and 2nd grade before it was closed. The place has been closed for over 45 years but was still in relatively good condition. Last stop was at the Redfield train depot. Lois (Seibrecht) Cox won the poker hand prize which was a bottle of liquor.

Saturday evening was back out at Fisher's Grove where we had a social hour at 6 pm, had a class picture taken, dinner, banquet and karaoke/dancing afterward. Sally Filipek did the greeting, Kevin Schurch and Deb (Harr) Engelgau hononred classmates who have passed on, Rich Gruenwald did the invocation, Jerry Levtzow did a toast, Tim Robinson was the main speaker and David Jessen did the farewell. Everyone did a fantastic job for the banquet. Not sure what the total attendance was, but there were around 40 classmates plus their spouses and significant others who attended.

We met for a farewll brunch at Terry's at 11:30 am on Sunday and about a dozen attended. We had good weather for the reunion and everyone who attended had a good time - at least I know I did.

Members of this year's reunion committe were: Sally Filipek, Dan Appel, Larry Crook, Doug Fink, Rich Gruenwald, Clyde Harr, Daryl Muellenberg and David Jessen.

We had a booklet made this year with pictures and a story of those classmates who submitted an entry. If you did not purchase a booklet, you can view a PDF of the booklet by clicking on this link. Each person who submitted an entry has also had their bio page updated. Also, if you attended this year's reunion and took some pictures that you would like to share, please email them to me (Daryl Muellenberg) and I can post them on the Pictures page.


A decision has been made - the reunion will be June 28th - 30th, 2013. Following is a list of activities that we are planning. For those who will be coming from out of town and need a place to stay, here is a link to the Redfield Chamber of Commerce site which has listings for area lodging: http://www.redfield-sd.com/chamber.html

Click on this link to the document that has been sent out to everyone that we have an email or mailing address for. If you didn't get this notice, please view it as it has more information. We need to know how many people are attending each event, the cost for the different events and the format for your submission for our 40th reunion booklet.

Friday - June 28th - early bird golf outing at Fisher's Grove starting at 2 p.m. You do not have to be a golfer to join in the fun. At 6 p.m. that evening we will be getting together at the Fisher's Grove Country Club for an evening of visiting with classmates and their guests. There will also be food available.

Saturday - June 29th - we begin with a 'poker run' around Spink County to various places of interest; some nostalgic, others new and entertaining. You do not want to miss the fun time planned by the reunion committee! We have a tour bus to shuttle us from place to place. Please meet Saturday June 29th at Crystal's Bar and be boarded and ready to go by 10:30 a.m. (a lunch will be offered for you to purchase at a stop along the way). We plan to conclude this event at approximately 3 p.m.

Saturday evening will be a social hour at 6 p.m., with our banquet to follow at 7 p.m. We would like everyone there for a class picture prior to the banquet. The program and dance will follow. We will also be honoring the classmates we have lost.

Sunday - June 30th - there will be a farewell brunch at Terry's at 11:30.

We will be making a class book for our 40th reunion. Please write your story and send a picture to Sally by May 30th 2013. You may also forward the same to Daryl for inclusion on our Class of 73 website (dmuellenberg@comcast.net). We are requesting that everyone submit a recent picture and a short bio of what has been going on in your life the past 10 years (or more if you didn't submit a 30 year bio).

Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make the reunion!!

35 Year Reunion July 3-4-5-6, 2008

July 3rd: Early Birds Get-Together: 7 pm at Outback (in back of Bi-Rite Liquor).
July 4th: Parade: 10 am.
July 5th: Golf: 12 noon.
Evening gathering: The Turtle Creek Saloon. Social hour from 7-9 pm with hors d'oeuvres and dance from 9-1.
July 6th: Breakfast farewell at Leo's at 10 am in the basement.

Committee Members: Sally Filipek, Rob Severance, Doug Fink, Barb (Nelson) Wetzler, Carol (Ellis) Wipf, Ric Harren, Rich Gruenwald and Clyde Harr. Special thanks to Dan Apple, Daryl Muellenberg and Nick Rude for providing vehicles for the parade.

30 Year Reunion

Schedule of Events
Friday June 27, 2003
  2:00 pm - golf at Fisher's Grove
  8:00 pm - social gathering at Sak's
Saturday June 28, 2003
 11:00 am - school tour of RHS
  2:00 pm - scavenger hunt (meet at Sak's)
  6:00 pm - social hour at the Country Club
  7:00 pm - banquet and dance
Sunday June 29, 2003
 11:00 am - brunch at Sak's

Program - Saturday June 28th
Master of Ceremonies: Daryl Jungwirth
Mistress of Ceremonies: Gwen Galvin
Invocation: Doug Fink
Toast: Rick Herren
Speakers: Debra (Harr) Engelgau & Randy Bush
Farewell: Sally Filipek

Other Committee Members
Brenda (Jessen) Grabinski, Barb (Nelson) Wetzler, Rob Severance, Clyde Harr, Brian Maher, Marlin Schmidt, Jim Becker, David Jessen, Rich Gruenwald

20 Year Reunion

Schedule of Events
Friday June 25, 1993
  6:00 pm - social get together at Fisher's Grove Country Club
Saturday June 26, 1993
 11:00 am - tour of school
  4:00 pm - happy hour at the Supper Club
  6:00 pm - class picture
  6:30 pm - banquet
  9:00 pm - dance
  2:00 am - breakfast
Sunday June 27, 1993
 12:00 pm - family picnic at the city park

Program - Saturday June 26, 1993
Master of Ceremonies: Scott Moore
Mistress of Ceremonies: Brenda (Jessen) Grabinski
Invocation: Debra (Harr) Engelgau
Class Trivia: Sally (Filipek) Farmen, Brenda (Jessen) Grabinski, Barb (Nelson) Wetzler
Seems Like Only Yesterday - Deb (Harr) Engelgau, Leah (Geuke) DeWald
Farewell: Neil Sorensen

Other Committee Members:
Rob Severance, Ann (Keller) Cockrell, Jim Becker, Clyde Harr, Dwight Friese, Sally Westfall, Rich Gruenwald, Brian Maher, Doug Fink

10 Year Reunion

Schedule of Events
Friday June 24, 1983
  6:00 pm - get together at KC Hall
Saturday June 25, 1983   4:00 pm - social hour at the Supper Club
  6:00 pm - program, dinner, dance
Sunday June 26, 1983
 12:30 pm - family picnic at the city park

Program - June 25, 1983
Greeters: Rocky and Jo Eaton, Sally (Filipek) Farmen
Master of Ceremonies: Kevin Boschee
Invocation: Neil Sorensen
Wills: Scott Moore and Marla (Schmidt) Starr
Prophecies: Dwight Friese and Gwen (Zens) Jandel
Guest Speakers: Randy Bush and Debra Harr
Awards: Jerry Levtzow and Betty (Lutter) Law
Farewell: Kevin Gaulrapp

Class of '73 Reunion Committee:
Co-Chairman: Rosanne (Lunzman) Lemmer and Jerry Levtzow
Booklet: Sally (Filipek) Farmen - Editor, Marla (Schmidt) Starr - Cover Design
Get-Together: Rick Brown and Rocky Eaton
Social Hour: Rick Brown
Dinner: Kevin Boschee
Family Picnic: Kevin Gaulrapp and Jerry Levtzow
Wills and Prophecies: Dwight Friese, Scott Moore, Marla (Schmidt) Starr, Gwen (Zens) Jandel
Awards: Ann (Keller) Cockrell - Chairman, Jerry Levtzow - Co-Chairman, Rocky Eaton, Carol (Ellis) Wipf, Sally (Filipek) Farmen, Barb (Nelson) Wetzler
Other Committe Members: David Jessen, Albert Kissner, Paul Lemmer, Betty (Lutter) Law, Marlin Schmidt