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50 Year Class Reunion

Sitting: Debra (Harr) Engelgau, Leah (Geuke) Dewald, Belinda (Rave) Burgess, Gwen (Zens) Jandel, Barb (Nelson) Wetzler, Sally (Filipek) Schwab, Sheri Stammer, Karen (Meyer) Edmiston. Standing: Brenda (Miller) Kramme, Shelly (Lunney) Loveless, Kathleen (Nuhsbaumer) Brown, Ann (Keller) Carroll, Marla (Schmidt) Starr, Lois (Allbee) Flanigan, Gwen Galvin, Susan (Sporer) Thompson, Barb (Brand) Dickhaut, Rose Ann (Jungwirth) Jensen, Betty (Lutter) Krikac.

Sitting: Clyde Harr, John Weisflock, Rich Gruenwald, Jim Becker, Bradee Beard, Neil Sorenson, David Jessen, Rick Van Vleet. Standing: Richard Hagmann, Randy Bush, Larry Crook, Nick Rude, Paul Patterson, Rocky Eaton, Doug Fink, Rick Brown, Kevin Gaulrapp, Tim Robinson, Tom Moon, Bill Betten, Melvin Christman, Daryl Muellenberg, Kevin Schurch, Rob Severance, Dan Appel, Daryl Jungwirth.

Zell Catholic School

The following classmates attended the Zell Catholic school in early grade school, up through 3rd grade, before the school closed down and they transferred to Redfield.

Rob Severance, Gwen Galvin, Rose Ann (Jungwirth) Jensen, Kathleen (Nuhsbaumer) Brown, Rich Gruenwald, Debra (Harr) Engelgau, Betty (Lutter) Krikac, Doug Fink, Daryl Jungwirth, Gwen Zens.

For many more pictures click here.

45 Year Class Reunion

Thursday night early bird get together at Chrystal's
Friday morning breakfast at Leo's
Friday Homecoming Parade
Friday afternoon/evening - Hype's bar, football game, Larry's bar
Miscellaneous - Bill Zahn memorial, Saturday breakfast at Leo's, Saturdy craft fair, new school tour

40 Year Class Reunion

40 Year Class Reunion Pictures

4th of July 2010 Pictures

4th of July 2010

35 Year Class Reunion Pictures

Early Bird Get Together
Parade and Car Show
Get Together at Crystal's Bar
Golf Outing
Social and Dance
Farewell Breakfast

4th of July 2007 Pictures

4th of July 2007

30 Year Class Reunion Pictures

30th Reunion - July 2003
Most of these pictures are from the golf outing and are courtesy of Gwen Galvin. If anyone has any more pictures from the 30 year reunion, please send them in.

20 Year Class Reunion

Left to right, kneeling in front: Jim Becker, Scott Moore, Doug Fink, Daryl Jungwirth, Kevin Gaulrapp, Randy Swedeen, Rick Herren. First row standing L to R: Sally (Filipek) Farmen, Deb (Harr) Engelgau (on hood), Dan Apple (front seat), Nick Rude (back seat), Brenda (Jessen) Grabinski (on trunk), Marlin Schmidt, Neil Sorensen, David Jessen. First row behind car: Bill Zahn, Gwen (Zens) Jandel, Ann (Keller) Cockrell, Gwen Galvin, Betty (Lutter) Krikac, Barb (Nelson) Wetzler, Joan Benning, Cheryl (Wernsmann) Arthurs, Carol (Ellis) Wipf, John Weisflock, Dwight Friese, Kathleen (Nuhsbaumer) Brown, LeAnn (Kleinsasser) Griffin, Joel Haber, Rich Gruenwald. Second row behind car: Daryl Muellenberg, Linda Dvorak, Rick Van Vleet, Rose Ann (Jungwirth) Jensen, Karen (Meyer) Asher, Patricia (Jackson) Olen, Darla (Corkins) Jessen, Susan (Sporer) Fey, Shelly (Lunney) Loveless, Joy (Akin) Kehrwald, , Shari Stammer, Jackie Zens, Brenda (Miller) Boyer, Rick Brown, Terry Rohlfs, Tim Robinson, Brian Maher, Clyde Harr. Third row behind car: Paul Patterson, Tom Moon, Ron Appletoft, Jerry Levtzow, Paul Lemmer (partially hidden), Rob Severance, Lonnie Robertson, Leah (Geuke) Dewald, Marla (Schmidt) Starr, Rosanne (Lunzman) Lemmer, Larry Crook.

10 Year Class Reunion

Men - front row: Rich Gruenwald, Marlin Schmidt, Rocky Eaton, John Weisflock, Doug Fink, Rick Van Vleet, Neil Sorenson, David Jessen. Second row: Jim Becker, Kevin Boschee, Lonnie Robertson, Dean Jankord, Kevin Gaulrapp, Paul Patterson, Bill Zahn. Third row: Melvin Christman, Albert Kissner, Dwight Friese, Daryl Muellenberg, Ron Appletoft, Scott Moore, Tim Robinson. Fourth row: Jerry Leftzow, Rick Brown, Dan Apple, Larry Crook, Tom Lesselyoung, Nick Rude, Dennis Becker, Clyde Harr, Rob Severance, Bill Betten, Randy Bush, Tom Moon, Randy Swedeen.

Women - first row: Shelly Lunney, Ann Keller, Gwen Zens, Gwen Galvin, Brenda Jessen, Jackie Zens, Belinda Rave, Leah Gueke, Sally Filipeck. Second row: Lois Siebrecht, Kathy Wilson, Betty Lutter, Carol Ellis, Susan Sporer, Marla Schmidt, Rose Ann Jungwirth, Darla Corkins, Barb Nelson. Third row: Brenda Miller, Patti Jackson, Kathleen Nuhsbaumer, Bonnie Seefeldt, Sharron Shantz, Debbie Jenner.

Mexico Trip Celebrating 50th Birthdays

Debra (Harr) Engelgau and Sally Filipek organized a trip to the Riviera Maya in Mexico in December of 2004. While all classmates were invited, only a handful of us went. This was probably due to a couple of reasons, one being it was just before Christmas and the other being an Alaskan cruise was being planned for June 2005. Classmates who went on the trip were Debra (Harr) Engelgau, Sally Filipek, Marla (Schmidt) Starr, Shelly (Lunney) Loveless, Juanita Leyba-Willis (a friend of Shelly's) and myself (Daryl Muellenberg - note that I was the only guy in the group - which I didn't complain about!).

We stayed at the Palladium Grand Resort which is near Cozumel for 5 nights. It is an all inclusive resort (including drinks!) and it is a beautiful resort. Besides lounging on the beach/pool, other activities included 6 tennis courts, a multi-activity court, dive center, archery, rifle shooting, beach volleyball, table tennis, miniature golf, bocci ball, plus a fitness center with a spa, Diving Center offering snorkeling, water-sports and scuba.

One of the days we decided to go to Playa Del Carmen and take the ferry over to Cozumel. We rented a VW bug (what they call a Mexican Ferrari) and drove around the island and visited several bars. Then we had dinner at a nice restaurant called Prima's and then went shopping for a few hours.

On another day we took a tour of the Mayan ruins at Tulum and then went snorkeling in an underground cave. The underground cave had just opened up and we were only the second group to go. We had to walk about a mile to get to it and we weren't too sure what we were getting ourselves into (someone made the comment that we may never be seen again!). But it was fun and we got to ride back instead of walking.

Click the following link to see pictures from the trip. Riviera Maya Pictures

Senior Class Pictures

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George Akin Lois Allbee Dan Appel Ron Appletoft Karen Baseler
George Akin Lois E. Allbee Dan Appel Ron Appletoft Karen Baseler
Bradee Beard Dennis Becker Jim Becker Joan Benning William Ronald Betten
Bradee Beard Dennis Becker James M. Becker Joan E. Benning William R. Betten
Les Booze Kevin Boschee Barbara Brand Rick Brown Rabdy Bush
Les Booze Kevin Boschee Barbara G. Brand Rick L. Brown Randy G. Bush
Melvin Christman Darla Corkins Larry Crook David Dorsey Cindy Durfee
Melvin Christman Darla Corkins Larry A. Crook David Dorsey Cynthia G. Durfee
Rocky Eaton Carol Ellis Sally Filipek Doug Fink Dwight Friese
Rocky L. Eaton Carol Anne Ellis Sally Anne Filipek Doug Fink Dwight Friese
Gwen Galvin Kevin Gaulrapp Leah Geuke Rich Gruenwald Joel Haber
Gwen E. Galvin Kevin K. Gaulrapp Leah J. Geuke Richard Gruenwald Joel K. Haber
Richard Hagmann Clyde Harr Debra Harr Bob Herschman Patti Jackson
Richard Hagmann Clyde Harr Debra E. Harr Bob Herschman Patricia M. Jackson
Dean Jankord Deb Jenner Brenda Jessen David Jessen Daryl Jungwirth
Dean F. Jankord Deborah R. Jenner Brenda L. Jessen David W. Jessen Daryl Jungwirth
David Jungwirth Rose Ann Jungwirth Ron Karr Barb Kegler Ann Keller
David Jungwirth Rose Ann Jungwirth Ronald A. Karr Barb Kegler Ann Marie Keller
Albert Kissner LeAnn Kleinsasser Paul Lemmer Tom Lesselyoung Jerry Levtzow
Albert Kissner LeAnn Kleinsasser Paul Lemmer Tom Lesselyoung Jerald V. Levtzow
Shelley Lunney Roseanne Lunzman Betty Lutter Brian Maher Nacor Martinez
Shelly D. Lunney Rosanne Lunzman Betty J. Lutter Brian Maher Nacor Martinez
Karen Meyer Brenda Miller Dave Moeller Tom Moon Scott Moore
Karen Meyer Brenda Lee Miller Dave Moeller Thomas A. Moon Robert Scott Moore
Daryl Muellenberg Barb Nelson Kathleen Nuhsbaumer Paula Pankratz Paul Patterson
Daryl Muellenberg Barbara Nelson Kathy Nuhsbaumer Paula M. Pankratz Paul Richard Patterson
Belinda Rave Lonnie Robertson Tim Robinson Terry Rohlfs Nick Rude
Belinda Rae Rave Lonnie Robertson Tim Robinson Terry Rohlfs Nick A. Rude
Marla Schmidt Marlin Schmidt Kevin Schurch Bonnie Seefeldt Rob Severance
Marla Schmidt Marlin Schmidt Kevin Schurch Bonnie Seefeldt Robert L. Severance
Sharon Shantz John Shaw Lois Siebrecht Rita Silins Neil Sorensen
Sharon Rae Shantz John W. Shaw Lois E. Siebrecht Rita Ann Silins Neil L. Sorensen
Susan Sporer Sandy Stahl Sheri Stammer Randy Swedeen Mary Todd
Susan D. Sporer Sandra Kay Stahl Sheri L. Stammer Randy Swedeen Mary Todd
Rick Van Vleet Janet Way John Weisflock Cheryl Wernsmann Sally Westphal
Rick Van Vleet Janet E. Way John L. Weisflock Cheryl Wernsmann Sally Westphal
Kathy Wilson Steven Young Bill Zahn Gwen Zens Jackie Zens
Kathleen E. Wilson Steven Young Bill Zahn Gwendoline Zens Jackie Zens