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Fantasy Football Assistant

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Assistant web site. Fantasy Football Assistant (also referred to as FFA) is a freeware software program designed to help fantasy league commissioners run a league. If you are frustrated with the on-line leagues that don't allow you to set up and run your league the way you want to, then this is the program for you! FFA has many configurable options to set up and run the league according to your rules. FFA was first marketed in 1989 and an update has been supplied every year since then.

The software program is free to use. You can manually enter each week's stats. But if you don't want to go through the trouble of manually entering stats, there is an option to download and import weekly stats. There is a charge of $60 for the weekly stats. Please note that if you have your own system and just want to get weekly stats you can just order the stats as the stats are available in text, csv and xml formats.

Fantasy Football Assistant is a 32 bit Windows program, which requires a 32 or 64 bit operating system such as Windows 9x, Windows 2000, ME, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11. If you are having problems running FFA with Vista or later operating systems, please click here to view detailed instructions on how to use the Program Compatibility Wizard to get FFA to work with your operating system. Also note that this is a desktop application and not a web application, although there are features in FFA to help with interacting with a web site for your league such as a built in FTP file manager and ability to create web pages for team owners to submit starting lineups.

Fantasy Football Assistandt 2022 is available for download.

Some of the features of Fantasy Football Assistant include:

  • On-line, context sensitive help with the F1 function key.
  • Manage up to 16 fantasy teams with up to 30 players per team.
  • Supports multiple leagues - up to 300.
  • Optionally separate teams into divisions (2, 3 or 4).
  • Optionally separate teams into 2 conferences. This allows the same NFL player to be on a roster in each conference.
  • Handles up to 21 weeks in a season.
  • Option to import weekly stats. The stats are free for the first few weeks of the season, but then you will need to pay an additional $60 after that if you want to continue to use the stats. Stats are available in text, csv and xml formats. Year-to-date stats are also available.
  • Positions supported include quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, kicker, offensive team, defensive team, special teams, defensive lineman, defensive back and line backer. Also supports team quarterback, running back, wide receiver and kicker positions plus a flex option (tight ends treated the same as wide receivers).
  • Customized line-up, you determine how many players are to be used at each position using a minimum and maximum value. Will also handle leagues that allow different lineups for different teams. For example, allowing one team to use 1 running back and 3 wide receivers while another team uses 2 running backs and 2 wide receivers.
  • Draft manager to organize the draft, calculates draft order and prints draft works sheets for each owner. Draft displays current round & pick, roster of team currently picking, prior picks (player name, NFL team, position, and fantasy team that drafted the player), next team to pick, and number of each position drafted by the current team. Can assign a time limit for each pick. Option to perform an auction type draft.
  • Completely customized scoring tables for basic, performance, distance, or any combination of the three. Also supports position specific scoring (different scoring values based not only on the type of score, but also on the position of the player).
  • Offensive points can be set up for passing (tds, yards, attempts, completions, 2 point conversions), interceptions (points subtracted); fumbles (points subtracted); rushing (tds, rushes, yards, 2 point conversions); receiving (tds, catches, yards, 2 point conversions); punt returns (tds); and kickoff returns (tds).
  • Team defensive points can be set up for rushing yards given up, passing yards given up, points allowed, safeties, sacks, interceptions, fumble recoveries and blocked kicks. Distance tables for fumbles returned for td, interceptions returned for td, blocked punts returned for td, kickoffs returned for td, or punt returns for td. Can also assign 2 point conversions to the defense. Optionally treat defenses and special teams as separate positions, or combine as one position.
  • Kicking points can be set up for field goals (basic points and distance points), extra points, missed field goals and missed extra points. Can also assign points based on total yardage and number of field goals.
  • Team Offense position has points for the NFL team winning that week, rushing/passing yards made, and points scored.
  • Defensive player points can be set up for tds by interception, fumble recovery, blocked kick, punt/kickoff return. Points can also be set up for each half sack, interception, fumble recovery, safety, tackles, assists and passes defended. Also support for position specific scoring (different scoring values based not only on the type of score, but also on the position of the player).
  • Special Teams position has points for return yardage allowed, return yardage gained, each blocked kick and points for tds by punt return, kickoff return or blocked punt.
  • Standings can be based on win/loss record, total points only or power rating only. Supports sudden death, reserve total, modified reserve/sudden death, and home field advantage tie breakers.
  • Use pre-defined or custom schedule. Supports double headers when using win/loss record, allowing a different lineup to be entered for each game.
  • Creates web pages to allow team owners to submit their weekly lineup using the internet.
  • Transaction log to record player trades, drops, pick ups, etc. and how much each owner has paid and/or owes.
  • Option to roll prior week's points to current week when an NFL player is on a bye week. Teams on bye week noted on Team Roster, Starting Lineup and Standings reports.
  • Complete reports, including weekly scoring, standings, team roster, starting lineups, transactions, scoring leaders, owner information, schedule, league options, and free agents. Ability to create report streams (combine several reports into a single report). Reports can be saved to PDF, RTF or HTML file formats.
  • Reports can be emailed directly from the program.
  • Ability to upload files to a FTP site directly from the program.
  • NFL Player database stores weekly statistics for each player. Stats Inquiry feature allows viewing of NFL stat information sorted by touchdowns or yards, with selection criteria by NFL team / position, individual NFL players, and week range.
  • Optionally set up a salary cap for the league.

Last Updated: June 6, 2022